Generate Action:


  3D Character Generation
  "Flash" Animation


KAMAZAR's advantage in building dynamic presentations is our in-house film and digital video production and post production capabilities.

From pre-production storyboarding and scripting, to production and post-production, we can service all of your video needs.

We create video content utilizing such techniques as green-screening, motion tracking, aerial videography, and digital effects for output to tape, disk, or web.


3D computer models can be animated to create Dynamic Fly-Overs or Fly-Throughs to emphasize a particular path through a unique design feature of a project.

We use AutoCAD site and floor plans, elevations and sections, and topos to produce a model. Photo-realistic materials and vegetation are added along with moving cars and people to add life to the animated model.

Placing a model on top of an aerial photo provides context and adds a convincing visual element.

Panable models can also be created; these give the user the freedom rotate 360 degrees from a fixed vantage point at their own pace.